Thursday, November 17, 2011

Off to See the Wizard!

I almost deleted my blog.  I never ever update it.  Seems like another obligation rather than a memory keeper.  But I think I'll give it another go and try to get back on track.  We just celebrated all the kids' birthday with one big Wizard of Oz bash.  That's what our family costume theme was this year too:  The Wizard of Oz!  The kids were so cute!

We had 15 kids at their party and we played a lot of games/activities.  It was fun (at least to me).  But I didn't think ahead and get very many party pictures.
 I made our pinata again and this time EVERYONE got a turn at bat.  It was hard to break this time around.

 This is Caden running in the witch relay race ... it looks more Harry Potterish to me but still cute!
Reese was the only one that wanted to wear her costume at the party.  She has loved the Wizard of Oz for a couple years.  She was so excited for Halloween and their party .... she still hasn't had her birthday yet .... couple more weeks and she'll be FOUR (how can that be?).

I worked on the party for weeks (as usual). Seriously I do love doing it.  I love to think of ways to make things without buying them.  The favor bags this year were made out of grocery sacks .... yes, I weaved 15 baskets from grocery sacks.  I know, people are rolling their eyes, it didn't really take that long and it was free. 
The rainbow cake turned out at 11:30 the night before it didn't seem like it was going to work.  Each layer wasn't coming out the pan so nicely.  I sure thought it would fall apart when I cut into it but it didn't and kids liked it and it tasted good.
I really love doing these parties and I hope the kids remember them but even if they don't, I know I will.



Please don't delete your blog! I love reading your updates and I am the lone person who doesn't have facebook. ;) Everything looked amazing for the birthday party!!!! You are so good! I need to hire you to help me!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing, Mindy! I love reading about all of the special touches from your party. I think you could be a "Party Planner"! I would hire you in an instant!!! :)

Amber P.

Candi Ladwig said...

Seriously!!! That was too cute! you got every last detail!!! And your family looked great for halloween! DON'T DELETE!!! I am totally like you and feel like I can't keep up, but when I do I LOVE looking back at it! I know the kids will look back at this and KNOW their mom ROCKED!!!

S Glup said...

I love your blog and hope you don't even think about have such a precious family and I truly feel blessed to of come across your blog a while's without a doubt, one of my favs;0) truly sorry for the loss of your precious Dad...I'm sure that never gets easier to deal with...your positive attitude is truly inspiring....I know keeping up with our blogs is sometimes like a full time job....something always keeps me eventually coming back to mine though;0), so I truly hope you keep sharing your talent, thoughts, pictures, and beautiful family with us.....Have a blessed day
Sheri G
BTW...Wizard of Oz party...that was AwEsOmE;0)...Love all the details;0)

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