Thursday, June 16, 2011

Crack house

Things sometimes get worse before they get better.  Our new house is no exception.  My mother-in-law and I took all the wallpaper off the living room walls on Tuesday.
Sort of looks like a "crack house".  I have to say the 1992 peach wallpaper was doing a lot for this giant room (indcluding holding some of the walls together!).  4 garbage bags of peach wallpaper decorated this room.

All we are really missing is some homeless people.   It's getting really hard to picture my Christmas tree in that window now.  And the scary part is ... it's going to get a lot worse than this.  Deep breath.  After talking to a previous owner, I am realizing that this poor house hasn't had much, if really anything of major importance (other than paint, wallpaper, carpet, a counter top) done to it in 25 years or more.  Isn't that sad?  Everyone calls this house the Van Fleet house because the prominent Van Fleet family lived here at one point and anyone who had been in it said it was quite a house in its day.  It's just like a person, if you neglected your health, body, and appearance for 25+ years, what kind of shape would you be in?  I'm going to think of it that way, like a person, it needs some TLC ..... maybe we'll even give it a name
We could go with the more Au natural, and give the house the Tuscan look:  leave some exposed walls, paint some green and browns .... old Italy.  Second thought, no, but the Tuscan look is at least a few steps above the crack house look, don't you think?

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E. Charlotte said...

You have a very fun blog! I liked this post about your house. :) Projects like that definitely always seem to get worse before they get better! But it's always worth the work!